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Rockin' Rubs on the spit?

Nothing better than a rotisserie chicken - but if you buy one it's all salt. I say do it with Rockin' Rubs instead. I've rotisseried all of my rubs at one time or another. But I tend to do two chickens at a time and the other night I used our new Baja Border Blend and on the other Tuscan Temptation.

Rotisserie Chicken from Debra Bonnefin on Vimeo.


The nice thing about using the rotisserie is it's a low and slow method of cooking which locks in the flavor and moisture and creates an incredible crusty skin.

The first thing you have to master though is how to truss the chicken. Trussing keeps the wings and legs from burning and cooks the chicken evenly. My fave method is called the "Victoria Secret" method of trussing because it tends to push the breasts up and out! And please don't point out my mistake on trussing this bird!

Here's the link to learn this method -

Once your bird is trussed rub it with your oil of choice. Avocado, olive. grapeseed or canola oil can all be used. Then choose your favorite Rockin' Rub and rub that all over it. On a whole chicken you'll use about 2 oz or more depending on how you like it. The fire will intensify and deepen the flavor as it cooks. And ummmm that skin!

Your finished product will look something like this (this is Baja Border Blend). Dive in it's moist and bursting with big flavor. Hope you love it!