Our Story


Our dad raised us with a love of food and outdoor cooking – whether it’s a pig in the ground or over a campfire it’s how we rolled. Our outings were always punctuated with a trip to a restaurant he wanted to try. It wasn’t high-brow but we thought we were living the high life – smorgasbords and the old Tahitian restaurant.

I started creating and making rubs as a way to cook delicious food in a quick and easy way – over 30 years ago. I started giving them as gifts to friends and family. Over the years they convinced me to give selling them a try. Starting with just 3 blends there are now 5 in regular rotation with a sixth sold seasonally. Now we've added olive oil dipping spices and popcorn seasonings! 

Our rubs are made in Costa Mesa, California in small batches by me and a few fabulous workers - even my mom helps out!  We use the freshest and finest ingredients money can buy. Our products are all natural, we do not use chemical additives or gluten in our products. But they are produced in a shared food facility that have nuts, gluten and other allergens present