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Smoking Meat on the BBQ yet?

Smoking BBQ Chicken with Rockin Rubs Dry Rubs: Sweet Fire!

Smokin' meats is the best way to get a moist, tender and flavorful piece of meat with little worry or work. I was given a little Brinkmann as a gift - it's easy to use and the food comes out wonderful! Here's my recipe for smoked chicken.  You can use any type you want - my family tends to like the dark meat better.

6 thighs

2 breasts

Pecan wood pieces

Apple juice

Sweet Fire

Take your chicken out of the refrigerator at least an hour before cooking and pat it dry leaving it out to finish air drying while it's warming up. I like to start with room temperature meat. When the skin feels dry rub your Sweet Fire into it. I butterflied the breast and rubbed quite a bit of Sweet Fire dry rub into all sides.

20 minutes before cooking soak your wood in apple juice. When it's done soaking pour the juice into the water pan adding about another 1.5 cups of apple juice. Fill the pan with water to about an inch below the rim.

I have 2 racks in my smoker so the thighs went on the lower rack and the breasts on the upper rack. Plug it in and let it do it's magic!

I do not know how my neighbors stand me as the smells coming from my house would drive me crazy - I'd be so hungry! The smell of the pecan wood smoking intermingled with the apple juice - incredible! I need a smell app right here.

Mine cooked for about 3 hours to 165 degrees and was incredibly moist and flavorful. Try it. I think you'll find it easy and delicious!